Sunday, 2 December 2012


 Gold Gorjana necklace
Revlon Creme lipstick
Gold Gorjana rings
Revlon Orange Flip lipstick
Revlon Radiant nail polish 
Asos boots

Procrastination. I am a the master of this. Even when it is for something I enjoy doing like blogging. Exams finished 2 weeks and it has still taken me this long to put up this post. I am really at my prime though while studying for exams! You would have thought I was learning about online shopping with the amount of times I visited TopshopAsos and Market HQ (to name only a few). Due to this I made a few purchases (not to anyone's surprise) including my beautiful Gorjana necklace and rings, which I cannot stop wearing right now. I also thought I would brighten up my long boring study days with some orange lippies and glittery nail polish. I think having pretty nails even made macroeconomics bearable. 

I will be back soon! I am starting my new years resolution early and going to stop procrastinating (well at least with blogging).

Have a good week,
Hannah xxx

Photos by Hannah Materne 

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Wearing: Sussan shirtZara pantsBauhaus clogsMimco Molten Envelope ClutchBauhaus silver rod ringBauhaus turquoise ringDuepunti white ring, silver ring from Vietnam, silver charm bracelet, Sportsgirl sunglasses

A while ago now I went out to lunch with my friends to the East Terrace Continental restaurant, the was food amazing as usual but the best part of the day was that the sun was out! I know I go on a lot about summer, however, the season just puts me in a better mood and I just can't help but be happy when I realise how close it is. It was the perfect day to wear my new (at the time) silky wide leg Zara pants! They are the comfiest pants in the world, even better than trackies and pjs (although my brother did mistake them for pjs). Blue is also my favourite colour so really these pants have no fault! I tried to continue the blue theme on my nails, however I am not so sure if pastel blue looks that great on stressed out assignment bitten nails.
My red mimco clutch is probably one of the best items I own, if I were to lose it I think would almost have a nervous breakdown! Which is saying a lot because all I felt was mere annoyance when I lost my phone on the weekend. Anyway it was a gift from my gorgeous best friend for my 18th birthday and something I will always treasure!
I hope all you weekends didn't involve a lost phone and that you have a great day,
Hannah xxx

Photos by Hannah Jeffery

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Wearing: American Apparel leotard, Friend of Mine skirt, Tony Bianco wedges and ox horn necklace.

The last term of the semester has seen me evolve into a hermit loser with my bed being my best friend. However, on one of the few nights I abandoned my boring ways I decided to make an effort. My friend lent her beautiful black skirt by Friend of Mine, which I teamed with my American Apparel leotard, Tony Bianco wedges and ox horn necklace. I bought my necklace from  a store in Hoi An, Vietnam and love knowing that it is one of a kind. Furthermore, it reminds me of summer, which I am can barely wait for. If only it were summer all year round! I am seriously considering moving to a city with a warmer climate after I finish uni. However, on this night I went out the clouds decided it would be fun to rain softly, giving me goose bumps and fuzzy hair. At least my super tall wedges protected my feet from any forming puddles. Some of you might be aware that I have an obsession for shoes and heels in particular. Despite being nearly 5'11, I am captivated by their prettiness and anyway it would just be plain mean to not wear them! I have fully accepted now that I am the giant of my group of friends and embrace my height. In fact, I love the power and presence that comes with being tall and if anything I complain more when I feel short! Anyway overall I had a fantastic night despite the weather and I just had to take a few quick photos with my friend's phone and show you all what I wore.

I hope you all have a great week, 

Photos by Hannah Jeffery

Sunday, 2 September 2012


Wearing: great grandmother's coat, Peni faux fur scarf, Sportsgirl top, Sussan leggings, Gino Ventori shoes, Bauhaus silver rings. 

So winter has come and pasted and what is a better way to celebrate the end than wearing my favourite coat for the last time. This beautiful grey master piece is my great grandmothers, which my grandma kindly lent to me for the season. Combined with my mum's faux fur scarf, I feel like Cruella de Vil. There is something extremely powerful about an impressive coat and fur. Unfortunately, I must part with it soon for reasons I will no bore you with. Furthermore, with the end of the season comes the end of my blogging draught. I only realised last week that a whole month has gone past without a single word from me.  The beginning of the uni semester rushed past without me even noticing, hopefully the next two weeks fly quickly towards holidays but not without recent updates. Thank you to my friend Hannah for filling Ruby's shoes while she is overseas, I reckon only good can come from two Hannahs working together. Check out the great job she did with my hair, creating a loose twist.

Much love,

Photos by Hannah Jeffery

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Wearing: Monki top, Zara vest, Sussan leggings, I love billy high top wedges, Mimco bag, Ray-ban glasses, Bauhaus turquoise ring, black ring, silver ring from Vietnam, Sportsgirl ear cuff.

Black. This is the colour that takes up about a half (if not more) of my wardrobe, with grey being the second dominate. This year I have forced myself to add others colours to my collection especially for winter but every now and then I just can't help but go back to faithful black. Two weeks ago I purchased yet another black item, I love billy high top wedges. I am probably a bit late to the party with this trend but I have finally caught on and now can't seem to take them off! Words cannot describe how comfortable they are, I even wore them to uni and was able to run to catch the bus with great ease. My best friend laughed when I told her this, probably due to her hatred of even the slightest of heels. While I on the other hand could not live without them (and extremely tall pairs as well) even though I probably shouldn't with my height but that doesn't stop me! I can tell these wedges are going to get a beating with the amount of times I will wear them just like my trustworthy Mimco bag, which is looking a little tired after many nights out. Thank you again to my best friend Ruby for helping me out and taking these photos. They were shot along the wall of the Capri, a beautiful old movie theatre in Adelaide that has the best choc tops! Also sorry for the quality of the first photo, I am going to blame it on technical difficulties. 

Hope you all have a great week,

Photos by Ruby Hume 

Thursday, 12 July 2012


1. Hannah and I before Adelaide Uni Law Ball

2. Chalk drawings with Ruby

3. My attempt at making traffic light drinks

4. Teresa and I in Chamonix, France

5. On a walk to the Pompidou Centre, Paris

6. My best friends and I before our Graduation Ball

7. Ruby's amazing bike! 

8. Issie's birthday ice cream and ice magic cake

9. Just hanging out with the girls

I am heading off to the snow tomorrow and I can't wait! I love skiing, it is one of the few positives that come with extremely cold weather and the feeling of racing down a slope is exhilarating. This trip will be even better though because I am going with two of my best friends. My friends mean everything to me, in fact it was their support and encouragement that motivated me to start this blog. Therefore I have decided to dedicate this post to my friends. This is my first collection of photos of my life from Instagram, my camera and various iphones instead of my usual daily style post. Hope you all enjoy it and sorry for the quality x

You probably won't hear from me while I am away so I hope you have a great week,