Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Wearing: American Apparel leotard, Friend of Mine skirt, Tony Bianco wedges and ox horn necklace.

The last term of the semester has seen me evolve into a hermit loser with my bed being my best friend. However, on one of the few nights I abandoned my boring ways I decided to make an effort. My friend lent her beautiful black skirt by Friend of Mine, which I teamed with my American Apparel leotard, Tony Bianco wedges and ox horn necklace. I bought my necklace from  a store in Hoi An, Vietnam and love knowing that it is one of a kind. Furthermore, it reminds me of summer, which I am can barely wait for. If only it were summer all year round! I am seriously considering moving to a city with a warmer climate after I finish uni. However, on this night I went out the clouds decided it would be fun to rain softly, giving me goose bumps and fuzzy hair. At least my super tall wedges protected my feet from any forming puddles. Some of you might be aware that I have an obsession for shoes and heels in particular. Despite being nearly 5'11, I am captivated by their prettiness and anyway it would just be plain mean to not wear them! I have fully accepted now that I am the giant of my group of friends and embrace my height. In fact, I love the power and presence that comes with being tall and if anything I complain more when I feel short! Anyway overall I had a fantastic night despite the weather and I just had to take a few quick photos with my friend's phone and show you all what I wore.

I hope you all have a great week, 

Photos by Hannah Jeffery


  1. Awesome dress. The back is really stunning :D


  2. Why should you refrain from wearing heels and being sexy just because you're tall? That's all the more reason to tower even higher! You're gorgeous and these photos are so mystical and mysterious.

  3. Great photos! Cute outfit :)

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  4. love the skirt!

  5. amazing look!

  6. cute!