Monday, 4 February 2013


Brother's white top, Club Monaco skirt, Windsor Smith Envy Black Leather boots, Gorjana Wishbone necklace, Bauhaus skull bracelet and silver rings,  Duepunti white ring, Ice Watch

A few weeks ago I arrived home from Canada (possibly my new favourite country) with a lovely blue Club Monaco skirt and matching shirt, however an unfortunate snowboarding incident meant that I also returned to Adelaide with something else blue; a cast on my right arm! As luck would have it I arm right handed and so I have been pretty restricted for the past month including the inability to wear my new shirt. I shouldn't be too down though because the trip was amazing and at least my cast could be blue (my favourite colour)! Besides when you arrive home to new shoes (in my case Windsor Smith Envy Black Leather boots) nothing can really annoy you.

Hope to share my holiday snaps soon,
Hannah xxx