Sunday, 14 October 2012


Wearing: Sussan shirtZara pantsBauhaus clogsMimco Molten Envelope ClutchBauhaus silver rod ringBauhaus turquoise ringDuepunti white ring, silver ring from Vietnam, silver charm bracelet, Sportsgirl sunglasses

A while ago now I went out to lunch with my friends to the East Terrace Continental restaurant, the was food amazing as usual but the best part of the day was that the sun was out! I know I go on a lot about summer, however, the season just puts me in a better mood and I just can't help but be happy when I realise how close it is. It was the perfect day to wear my new (at the time) silky wide leg Zara pants! They are the comfiest pants in the world, even better than trackies and pjs (although my brother did mistake them for pjs). Blue is also my favourite colour so really these pants have no fault! I tried to continue the blue theme on my nails, however I am not so sure if pastel blue looks that great on stressed out assignment bitten nails.
My red mimco clutch is probably one of the best items I own, if I were to lose it I think would almost have a nervous breakdown! Which is saying a lot because all I felt was mere annoyance when I lost my phone on the weekend. Anyway it was a gift from my gorgeous best friend for my 18th birthday and something I will always treasure!
I hope all you weekends didn't involve a lost phone and that you have a great day,
Hannah xxx

Photos by Hannah Jeffery