Friday, 28 February 2014


Suede Online fringe jacket 
Vintage dress
Turquoise earrings
Gorman shoes

The last two weeks have gone past so quickly! I was supposed to post this last week but things just got crazy. I bought this fringe jacket from Suede Online for an absoulte steal, I won't give the exact price but lets just say I saved nearly $900!! The only problem is that I am little scared to wear it. I am so certain I will have a clumsy blonde moment while I have it on! but I am just hopeless when it comes to resisting anything with a boho vibe. My dress is another op shop number, which I have had for about 5 years and it is one of my favourite things to wear. The day I offically wear it to thread bare death will be a sad day.

Hope you all have a great weekend x

Monday, 17 February 2014

Acid wash

Vintage top, vintage skirt, vintage bag and Windsor Smith boots.

Here is the last look from my op shop collaboration with my friend Sophie although I doubt it will be the last for long! The more I search through racks of second hand clothing and find information on clothing recycling, the more passionate I become. While reading the Renegade Collective, I came across an article on Christina Dean, founder of Red Dress and the EcoChic Design awards. She is dedicated to raising awareness of the pollution caused by the garment industry and continually supports sustainable fashion. A friend also showed me an article on Not Just a Fashion Label and Eco luxe label We'ar, which are both working towards a sustainable and ethical industry. I could keep going on about these amazing organisations but I think I should stop before I get carried away.... But do check them out!

On another note, I have to say this is the most make up I have ever worn! I was a little freaked when I first looked in the mirror but as always Sophie did an amazing job and I love the edginess it adds to the look. This outfit is so easy to throw on and so comfortable, it is definitely a go to outfit at the moment! I'll probably wear it to death but a least I'll get my money's worth.

Hope you had a great weekend xx

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Grandma knows best


Knitted top, similar here

Cotton On Soft black bra

Vintage blue and white wide leg pants, similar here

Bauhaus silver rings

Gorman clogs

Unfortunately I cannot take credit for this outfit, my talented friend Sophie just whipped it out of the closet (Her wardrobe is incredible!). Believe it or not Sophie's grandma knitted this top for her, such a fashion forward woman. It got me to thinking how we can learn something from our grandmas, I mean they did grow up in a era of full skirts, femininity and elegance. One way we can honor their style is giving new life to preloved clothing. Our fashion has developed from generations before us, it would be wrong if we didn't take advantage of op shops and find those hidden treasures. Don't get me wrong I have my favourite labels and love buying new shoes but there is nothing as unique as vintage garment. However, whether we wear old or new, we can all channel the elegance of our grandmothers. That is something all women should wear.   

This is the second look from my op shop collaboration with my friend Sophie. 
Sophie did my make up, helped styled and took the photos, as I said before she is talented! 

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week xx

Monday, 3 February 2014

Black Chocolate

 Black Chocolate tee from Rundle St Red Cross
Windsor Smith Envy black leather boots
Bauhaus Turquoise and Brown rings 
Vintage leather bag
Sportsgirl finger tip rings
Dad's black socks
Market jewelry  

This is my first outfit post from my op shop collaboration with my friend Sophie, who is an amazing make up artist and pretty handy with a camera. Since Melbourne I have turned into a op shopping fanatic! Even to the point where I find it more fun than regular shopping. I think it's the thrill of finding something amazing in a sea of clothes and the lower price (usually) is always an added bonus. I found this Black Chocolate tee in the menswear sections at the Red Cross on Rundle St. I instantly loved its oversized and simplistic nature plus it is so damn comfy!!

A massive thank you to the beautiful Sophie! If you live or are ever in Adelaide get Soph today your make up at Mecca in the City Cross Arcade. 

I'll be sharing more outfits from my op shop collaboration over the coming weeks so stay tuned!


Saturday, 1 February 2014

Heat wave

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Trying to stay inside as much as possible today! Even a summer loving person like me is struggling with the heat. Hope you're all staying cool xx