Sunday, 2 December 2012


 Gold Gorjana necklace
Revlon Creme lipstick
Gold Gorjana rings
Revlon Orange Flip lipstick
Revlon Radiant nail polish 
Asos boots

Procrastination. I am a the master of this. Even when it is for something I enjoy doing like blogging. Exams finished 2 weeks and it has still taken me this long to put up this post. I am really at my prime though while studying for exams! You would have thought I was learning about online shopping with the amount of times I visited TopshopAsos and Market HQ (to name only a few). Due to this I made a few purchases (not to anyone's surprise) including my beautiful Gorjana necklace and rings, which I cannot stop wearing right now. I also thought I would brighten up my long boring study days with some orange lippies and glittery nail polish. I think having pretty nails even made macroeconomics bearable. 

I will be back soon! I am starting my new years resolution early and going to stop procrastinating (well at least with blogging).

Have a good week,
Hannah xxx

Photos by Hannah Materne