Sunday, 27 April 2014

Groovin before the moo

Indian Necklace, Costalots sunglasses similar here, Witchery top, vintage skirt from Old World New Vintage, Roger David flannel similar here and Lipstick boots 

On Friday I went to Groovin the Moo with a large group of friends. Before then every music festival I had been to had had a forecast of blistering heat, so I was a little stumped on what to wear. A few hours were spent trying items on and off and back on again. A google search recommended I bring layers as it could be freezing out in the open but really warm in the crowd. So I devised an outfit based on layering and a tying system to attach a knit and parka to my bag. The end product is what you can see above (minus the loaded bag), which saw me conformably through till the end of the day. Only a parka was needed for a little extra warmth! 

In typical festival style, my friend and I managed to somehow loose the rest of our group and spent the day bumping into other various friends while checking out the different artists. I particularly enjoyed Violent Soho, Jungle Giants, Thundamentals and Disclosure! I feel as if I am still recovering from all the groovin but it was definitely worth it even with my boots changing to a shade of brown and me losing my sunglasses....