Monday, 17 March 2014

90s kid

Vintage stripe tee
Vintage Sole denim pinafore 
Ash wedge trainers

I was your typical 90s kids. I crimped and beaded my hair, I listened to countless Barbie and So Fresh CDs, I wore a sunflower dress with pink sparkly jelly sandals, and naturally I owned an array of denim items. While I have let go of the desire to cover my head in beads, my love of denim has remained and for some time now I have dreamt of owning a denim pinafore. On the glorious street known as Brunswick I discovered this little number at Vintage Sole. I instantly fell in love with its simplicity, big pockets,  loose fit and of course denim material. It has very much become a go to item and has helped me survive a few 'I feel so fat' as well as many 'I have nothing to wear' days. For me (as I am sure for many others) black and white stripe, and denim are a matched made in heaven so it was a no brainer that my vintage stripe tee would be the perfect companion for my new pinafore. I completed the outfit with my high-tops to add a bit of funk and playfulness to the overall look. 

Sophie and I tired out a new location with this look and I am unsure as to whether I like it or not but I always feel it is worth experimenting and finding new approaches. A massive thank you to her again for doing my make up and taking the photos. 

In other news the Adelaide Fringe Festival is now over, which means my time at the Old World New Vintage stall in the Garden has sadly come to an end. However, I now have four amazing new vintage pieces to shoot and share with you all. In my next post I will also be sharing my favourite op shops in and surrounding Adelaide's CBD so stay turned for more vintage!

Hope you have a great week, Hannah xx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Old love

Wearing: Vintage lace blouse similar here, Tigerlily blue wrap skirt, We Are Handsome shoes, Blue ring from Nepal and Lovisa gold star necklace.

The weather this day was absolutely crazy! Still fairly warm but the wind had a mind of its own. My hair and skirt were going everywhere so Sophie and I gave up fighting it very quickly and just tried to go with the flow. This outfit makes me feel very youthful, soft and dreamy. I sort of float through the day when wearing it, which is a nice change from my earth shaking chunky boots. The blouse is vintage (surprise surprise), which I purchased in Melbourne along with my We Are Handsome colourful canvas shoes. My skirt is an old love of mine. I have lost count of how have many years I have had it but it remains one of my favourite and most worn items of clothing in my wardrobe. 

In other news, I have been working at Old World New Vintage at the Garden for Adelaide Fringe. It is around till the end of this week so come check it out! Leah has such a great eye for beautiful things (I have already purchased 3 items from her), I actually bought the lace blouse from her.
 Also Uni has started and I can feel the craziness kicking into gear already. Hopefully the blog will not be completely forgotten...I will try my very best!

A big thank you again to Sophie for taking the photos.

Enjoy the rest of your week x