Friday, 20 June 2014

The Perfect Fit

Lovisa necklace, vintage top, vintage skirt & Lipstick boots.

Although I have always enjoyed op shopping, this is the skirt that started my true obsession with vintage. There is nothing like a great skirt, especially when it is vintage! Throw on a top and some chunky boots and you're ready to go. No thinking required. 

 I adore the print of this skirt, however it is the high waist fit and midi length which causes it to sit perfectly. This is best style for me with my tall curvy figure while petite girls would probably be swamped by the fit and look better in a shorter skirt. It is all about finding clothes that enhance your best features and not necessarily cover you up. My mum has always expressed that following trends does not create style nor are they necessarily flattering and I am a firm believer in this. I would feel awkward following the trend of wearing a bustier and skort to town, while I know others would be uncomfortable in my outfit and that is perfectly fine. You should always wear what you feel most comfortable in, whether it is "in fashion" or not, because chances are you will feel more confident and look more beautiful than if you were wearing something purely out of pressure. 

Anyway enough rambling....I have a tip to share! The black top I am wearing is actually a front tie cardigan. I put it on backwards, twisted the two strands of fabric at the back and then tied them together in a knot at the front, creating a cropped top with a detailed back. Too easy!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend ahead xx


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