Tuesday, 20 May 2014



Fleur Wood sweater, Daniel Avakian leather shorts, Isis Design Co layered fine necklaces with metallic druzy crystal drops and cuff, Windsor Smith boots and Spell & the Gypsy Collective bag.

In my last post I presented the first look from my collaboration with Isis Design Co and now I give you my second look, Wandering. This look is more casual than the last because I wanted to demonstrate how versatile Isis pieces are. You can wear them out at night, to work, uni, a concert....wherever you want! Anywhere and everyday. For this particular look I included the layered fine necklaces with metallic druzy crystal drops and Isis' signature cuff. Each piece creates a statement however they also compliment each other perfectly, which is the beauty of the Isis collection. 

A little bit more about the brand.....Isis Design Co is launching their debut collection this summer 14/15. The brand was founded by Sydney based fashion lovers with a desire to make beautiful, wearable and small statement pieces. Inspired by the Egyptian god Isis, the brand demonstrates femininity and individuality. Quality is important to Isis. Only the best stones are used and all production is in Australia. Stay up to date with Isis through Instagram and Facebook

....and don't forget to enter their competition to win a druzy heart pendant! Details available on my instagram and in the last post.

Hannah xx

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