Tuesday, 14 May 2013


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I think, imagine, dream about the future a lot! Always have. In primary school, I dreamed of being a teenager and going shopping with my friends. While in high school, I wished for the freedom of a uni student. Now I am at uni and all I want to do is apply the skills I have learnt. I guess it is a bit of an obsession of mine and of course, in my ideal future I work in fashion; blogging, buying or running fashion week (I never aim high...). I don't think of it as wishing away time but just a lovely day dream. I have always been one to like progress and hate prolonged routine so sometimes I distract myself from reality with beautiful photos of clothing, models, make up - anything related to fashion. You may call this distraction but I prefer to think of it as research and motivation for the future. A bit of inspiration. That is why I have to decided to dedicate my blog to sharing my collection of inspiring photos, hopefully motivating other fashionistas. 

Enjoy x

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